Update on Foundation for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

By Bob Addleton, EdD, FACEHP, CHCP, 2016 Alliance President; and Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CHCP, 2016 Foundation President and Alliance Past President

The Alliance Board has acknowledged changes to the Foundation for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (FCEhp), and we wish to explain what those changes are and why they were made.

We know from surveys of the membership that the QIE Initiative is what most members think of first when they think of the FCEhp. That is what the Foundation Board of Directors, grantors and the Alliance Board of Directors thought, as well. QIE is clearly important to CME/CE/ CPD programs as it aligns with changes occurring in our healthcare system; however, what else might come to mind about FCEhp beyond QIE? What else should FCEhp be doing? The FCEhp Board of Directors struggled with coming up with consistent answers and a clear focus. In fact, we had a wide range of perspectives and no clear answers to our questions. So we sought input through an independent task force chaired by Jann Balmer, Ph.D., RN, consultation from an attorney, past presidents, grantors and even those not connected with the FCEhp or Alliance but involved in healthcare. We wanted to determine where we were going and what was missing.

FCEhp was founded by the Alliance in 2012 to foster broad-based development and funding to carry out the educational and scientific purposes of the Alliance through innovative projects that were research-focused. Over time, we realized that the intersection of quality improvement (QI) and CE were central to the value of the CEHP profession and your work. We believed the creation of FCEhp would help us reframe our vision for CE and create mechanisms that could be used by Alliance members in their work settings. To that end, resources have been ded­icated to making QIE part of your professional work. The big question that the FCEhp Board faced, however, was, “Would transfer of QIE activities into the Alliance ensure the continuation and expansion of resources as well as improve operational efficiencies?” After much deliberation, the answer was yes. QIE is an important effort along with other future innovative projects, but, operationally, we can serve our membership better by managing these efforts and outcomes within the Alliance without a separate organi­zational structure. The Board of Directors of the FCEhp agreed to transfer funds, assets and activities to the Alli­ance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions, effective Jan. 1, 2017.

What Does this Mean for the QIE Initiative?
The foundation’s primary project — the Quality Improve­ment Education (QIE) Initiative — will be transferred to the Alliance effective Jan. 1, 2017. As indicated in all of our con­versations, QIE continues to be an issue of great importance to our profession; hence, we want to continue facilitating and expanding education for our members around this prominent issue. We have initiated the formation of the Alliance Quality Initiative Committee, which will merge the Foundation QIE Initiative and Quality Committee. Additionally, the Founda­tion Research Committee will transition to the Alliance in its current structure. Our goal with these transitions is to ensure that the existing efforts and focus around both research and QIE will continue to gain industry recognition and, most importantly, result in measurable outcomes (e.g., resource deliverables) for Alliance members.

It is vital that the Alliance Board of Directors constantly listen to members and provide clarity on areas where questions emerge about change. You are our greatest value. We know this is the right step forward. Maintaining important assets while creating the value members seek from our organization in addition to listening to you is our job as we grow, govern and operate strategically going forward.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback you have. Please feel free to contact the Alliance at acehp@acehp.org or 202-367-1151 or reach out to board members during the upcoming Jan. 26-29, 2017, Annual Conference in San Francisco.

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