Advancing Racial Justice and Equity: An Alliance Connect Keynote Presentation With Dr. Karthik Sivashanker

Featuring Dr. Karthik Sivashanker

The countdown is on for Alliance Connect. As you look forward to four days of educational sessions tailored to CE professionals, get to know opening keynote speaker Dr. Karthik Sivashanker. In his keynote session, “Advancing Racial Justice and Equity Through Quality and Safety: 5 Key Drivers,” Dr. Sivashanker will present foundational concepts on health equity and a new framework for advancing racial justice and equity in the healthcare arena. Read on to learn more about this keynote presentation.

Alliance Connect is dedicated to providing continuing education professionals with advanced insights into the most innovative practices in healthcare CPD. Why is your keynote presentation important for healthcare CPD professionals at all levels of their career? 

KS: This question is intended to highlight the importance of this topic for all learners. However, taking a step back, it’s a common question posed to those in the equity space all the time. Why should healthcare professionals learn (or care) about equity? We almost never ask such questions when talking about health sciences, such as infectious disease or preventative medicine. 

This article written by Drs. Krieger and Boyd and my colleagues Drs. Maybank and De Maio explains in the clearest possible terms why this topic is foundational for all learners in healthcare. As the article notes, it’s our responsibility as privileged gatekeepers to understand the science behind racial justice and equity. More than that, we need to identify and apply best practices to advance equitable, high-quality and safe care for every single patient.

This talk will highlight some of the best practices that we’ve been developing at Brigham Health, in partnership with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and which we’re now advancing as a national effort at the American Medical Association.  

What do you hope Alliance Connect attendees take away from your keynote presentation? 

KS: We will cover foundational concepts on health equity and discuss a new framework for advancing racial justice and equity in the healthcare arena by leveraging high-performance quality and safety practices to systematically make inequities visible and to address and resolve them as an integral part of healthcare practice.

After the presentation, attendees will be able to describe the five key drivers for eliminating inequities by focusing on quality and safety, and they will have the tools to identify specific strategies for effectively leveraging existing quality and safety infrastructure and processes to advance equity.

What are you most looking forward to about Alliance Connect? 

KS: This is a collective journey that we’re all on. I’m looking forward to connecting with others who also are navigating this journey.  

What about your career encourages you?

KS: I’m encouraged by the increased interest in recent years, and I’m worried about the unanticipated consequences as individuals and organizations rush to action without deep knowledge and understanding. I’m also hopeful that we can co-create a future free of oppression where everyone can thrive. But we’ll need to get there together, or not at all.  

Will we be seeing you in Florida? Join the Alliance in Orlando, Florida, for Alliance Connect, July 14–17. Review the COVID-19 health and safety protocol, and register now to experience four days of educational sessions tailored to CE professionals across the spectrum of organizational settings.

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