The Science of Teamwork: Get to Know Alliance Connect Keynote Speaker Michael Rosen

Featuring Michael Rosen, PhD

Alliance Connect is just a few weeks away! As you look forward to four days of educational sessions tailored to CE professionals, get to know keynote speaker Michael Rosen, PhD. Along with Felice Tilin, PhD, PCC, Rosen will explore the current science of teamwork and the implications for how CPD professionals can help teams improve their performance. Read on for a preview of his keynote session.

Alliance Connect is dedicated to providing continuing education professionals with advanced insights into the most innovative practices in healthcare CPD. Why is your keynote presentation important for healthcare CPD professionals at all levels of their career?

Michael Rosen (MR): Teamwork skills are critical for all professionals in the healthcare space but are all too often left to chance and unstructured experience to develop. The use of formal learning strategies for these skills can have important impacts on clinicians and the patients and communities they serve.

What do you hope Alliance Connect attendees take away from your keynote presentation?

MR: I hope attendees understand that there is a science of teamwork and a mature set of strategies for building teamwork competence which can be leveraged in a broad range of clinical settings and learning environments.

What are you most looking forward to about presenting at Alliance Connect?

MR: I’m most excited to make new connections and hear different perspectives on how or where teamwork development is needed.

What is the most exciting aspect of your career?

MR: I’m privileged to work with such a broad range of professionals doing incredibly important and impactful work, from across the continuum of healthcare delivery to spaceflight and other high-risk industries.

Will we be seeing you in sunny Florida? Join the Alliance in Orlando, Florida, for Alliance Connect, July 14–17. Review the COVID-19 health and safety protocol, and register now to experience four days of educational sessions tailored to CE professionals across the spectrum of organizational settings.

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