Moving Forward: CHCP Certification Transferring to the Alliance

By Sarah K. Meadows, MS, CHCP, Manager, Accreditation and Programs, Office of Professional Education, National Jewish Health

The Commission for Certification of Healthcare CPD Professionals (CCHCP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving health care through the certification of CME and CE professionals. Founded in 2008 as the National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals (NC-CME), the name was changed to the CCHCP in 2015 to reflect its interprofessional focus and alignment with the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions’ (ACEhp) National Learning Competencies. Last month marked another exciting milestone for the CCHCP, as the Alliance announced it will take possession of the Certified Healthcare CPD Professional (CHCP) certification. In doing so, the Alliance will assume responsibility for all operational administration, including the exam and the recertification process, as well as the Associate Healthcare CPD Professional certificate exam.

A Common Focus

For the future, the Alliance will focus on members’ professional development, which creates an ideal environment for the CHCP certification to thrive. The Alliance is dedicated to accelerating excellence in performance through quality education, innovation, advocacy and collaboration. “Recognition for and the value of our profession in continuing education is critically important toward demonstrating the value we bring throughout the healthcare enterprise. The Alliance and CCHCP share a common mission and professional competencies that are the foundation of the Certified Healthcare CPD Professional certification process,” said Ed Dellert, RN, MBA, CHCP, Alliance immediate past president.

The common alignment of the Alliance and CCHCP occurs through the use of CME/CE professional competencies. The Alliance National Learning Competencies comprise eight competency areas representing different yet interconnected components of continuing education in the health professions that, when put together, form the foundation for excellence in the field. The competencies are designed to describe the abilities needed to outline a successful professional development pathway for health

care CPD professionals. The CCHCP utilized the competencies’ framework to inform both the CHCP certification exam, which is based on the competent/proficient level of the competencies, as well as the Associate Healthcare CPD Professional certificate exam, based on the novice/advanced beginner level.

Assets Transferred

The transfer of assets from the CCHCP to the Alliance includes the CHCP credential name, certification exam and related materials, as well as the Healthcare CPD Associate name, certificate exam and related materials. The Alliance will assume the CHCP certification prep workshop materials, CHCPress e-newsletter and the CCHCP registry. The certification prep workshop has been offered by the CCHCP in conjunction with several industry conferences, including the Alliance Industry Summit, Alliance Quality Symposium, Colorado Alliance for CME Annual Conference and the Alliance Annual Conference to guide professionals planning to take the exam. The CHCPress is emailed to more than 1,500 health care CPD professionals weekly, and features current event articles and CCHCP updates, as well as educational opportunities for industry professionals.

In order to facilitate the transfer from the CCHCP to the Alliance, a Transition Taskforce has been named by Dellert and Maureen Doyle-Scharff, MBA, CHCP, FACEHP, president of the CCHCP Board of Directors. The group will work to ensure successful transition of intellectual capital and recommendations to the Alliance Board of Directors on infrastructure needs, as well as maintenance of existing exam and recertification processes. “We are looking forward to receiving the recommendations of the taskforce, and we are confident that our members will embrace the importance of the CHCP credential even more strongly than they have in the past,” said Bob Addleton, EdD, CHCP, FACEHP, current president of the Alliance.

Certification and Recertification

CHCP certification and recertification will continue, and the current process for establishing eligibility, taking the CHCP exam and Associate Healthcare CPD certificateexam, and maintaining CHCP recertification will remain the same with the transfer. The CHCP exam is offered at test sites around the United States at four different times per year: March 13-30, June 13-30, Sept. 13-30 and Dec. 1-31. Eligible candidates, determined by their completion of an eligibility worksheet documenting a minimum number of points, may sign up to take the exam and are awarded the CHCP credential if a passing score is achieved. The Associate Healthcare CPD certificate exam, introduced in September 2015, is designed for individuals working within any provider or supporter setting with at least one year of full-time experience in health care CPD. The Associate certificate exam is offered during the same four test periods as the CHCP certification exam.

Recertification is available to CHCPs who have documented a CPD portfolio of professional development activities or who choose to sit for and pass the current form of the CHCP exam. Recertification is required every three years, but once certified, CHCPs who maintain their certification are not required to sit for another proctored exam.

Realization of Original Vision

The overarching purpose of the CCHCP is to provide assurance that CME/CE is being managed by persons who understand principles of adult learning and professional development, know how to frame clinical content for maximum impact, and can wisely interpret the rules and regulations that define the field. The agreement between the Alliance and CCHCP is representative of the original intent and vision of the certification, which was that it should be part of the Alliance as the industry’s professional organization. Melinda Steele, MEd, CHCP, FACEHP, CCHCP executive director, has worked closely with the CCHCP Board of Directors and the Alliance Board of Directors over the past year to ensure the vision became a reality. The transition was celebrated by a Letter of Agreement between the two organizations last month. “We at CCHCP are tremendously gratified to see this important step forward, positioning the CHCP certification within the Alliance,” commented Steele. The transfer of intellectual property to the Alliance will officially take place on March 1, 2016.

Thank you to the CHCPs who have both obtained and maintained the credential. Your support of and dedication to health care CPD has raised the bar in our profession and has given employers, patients and the public assurance that we have the skills and knowledge to proficiently develop and implement effective education.

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