The Alliance's CE Provider/Supporter Interactions SIG Looks to Gather Industry Consensus Terms

Committed to improving communications and developing tools for the Alliance membership community, Alliance Industry Alliance for Continuing Education (IACE) and Medical Specialty Society (MSS) member sections produced The Insider’s Guide to Medical Education Grants resource.

The success of that project led to the formation of a year round special interest group (SIG) that includes all Alliance member sections and is named the CE Provider/Supporter Interactions Special Interest Group. After attending and discussing the May 2018 Alliance Industry Summit (AIS) session titled “The Tower of Babel: Enough Already, Can We Please Speak the Same Language?”, the SIG recognized the need for developing consensus on the terms and definitions that the community of interprofessional continuing healthcare educators use when interacting with each other and external stakeholders.  

The CE Provider/Supporter Interactions SIG initiative includes identification, vetting and adoption of consensus terms. We are seeking participation by all Alliance members in this initiative so we may comprehensively gather and discuss how to best define terms that impact our profession. We invite you to join the SIG and/or participate in surveys and other fact gathering outreach communications. Our goal is to have a valuable and relevant resource tool that will provide uniformity and standardization of the language we use across the interprofessional spectrum.

We welcome and look for your participation. Email us at

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