Note from the Alliance Leadership

It has come to our attention that at the “Virtual Patient Simulation as a Learning Tool to Inform Medical Education” session during the Annual Conference there was inappropriate bias in favor of one educational product that can be used by continuing education providers. While not a violation of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Standards for Commercial Support, it does violate the Alliance’s policy, agreed to by all presenters, to ensure content has integrity and is presented free of any commercial bias. As a result of this issue, the Alliance has taken appropriate probationary and corrective actions to ensure content integrity is maintained if the presenter participates in future educational activities. As a reminder, all presenters in Alliance education are expected to hold the highest standards in presenting fair and balanced education that helps equip colleagues and advance the continuing education profession.

William Mencia, MD
2018 Annual Conference Chair

Steven Kawczak, PhD
2018 Alliance Board President

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