A Look Back: Reflections from 2017 Alliance President Gayla Bruner

By Gayla Bruner, BSN, RN

It has been my greatest honor this year to serve as president of a remarkable organization where sharing best practices and encouraging others are core values that are demonstrated year round. As my term draws to a close, I’ve taken time to reflect upon those who make up the Alliance and events that shape our organization.


I wish I could say that I have met and become better acquainted with all the members. Of course, there is not enough time and opportunity for that. What impresses me most when I do have the chance to work with and really get to know members of the Alliance is the breadth of talent and ability we have.


Past Presidents and Board Members

Before the year began, I reached out to former leaders and board members of the Alliance and asked them to share with me three things an Alliance president needs to know. The ensuing conversations provided me with insight, consternation, encouragement and more than a chuckle or two! Everybody was so willing to share their experiences and offer suggestions. The Alliance is stronger today because of the work of dedicated leaders and members, both past and present.

Volunteer Leaders

Charged with implementing the strategic plan established by the board, these professionals take time away from their “day jobs” to develop educational products, meetings, newsletters, surveys, mentoring opportunities and write articles. They join the board on calls to discuss challenges in the CPD environment, changes in healthcare, the benefits and impact of volunteering, and how to better educate other educators.

2017 Board Retreat

The board utilized the feedback from the committee chair, membership and survey data for a fall board retreat. During the retreat, we reviewed and revised the strategic plan with renewed emphasis on developing a curriculum based upon the National Learning Competencies. Our intent is to use the curriculum to update existing offerings and create new educational products and services. In keeping with the scope of the competencies, those products will span educational needs from basic to expert.

Partner Organizations

The Alliance was invited to share those same National Learning Competencies at the November European CME Forum in Dublin, Ireland. It was an incredible experience to meet international CPD professionals and engage in conversations about our similarities and challenges.

In 2017, the Alliance was represented in discussions with AAFP, ACCME, CMS, the CME Coalition, CMSS, the Conjoint Committee on Continuing Education, the Colorado Alliance for CME and others, as together we work to eliminate barriers and focus on the future.

Staff Resources and Support

Thank you to our incredible staff for making all of the planning, coordination, organization and value-added services appear so seamless. Laurie Kendall-Ellis CAE, executive director and CEO, has utilized her governance and business expertise for the organization at a time when her examples of best practices have resulted in revised policies and procedures, completed job descriptions, improved onboarding orientation materials for new board members and the list goes on.

Working with this 2017 Board of Directors has been a privilege. Of course, there will always be more to consider such as new strategies for recruiting and retaining members.


What talents and expertise might you offer to the Alliance?

Are you the next committee chair or president?

We solicit your comments and participation on this journey.

Your 2017 President,

Gayla Bruner

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