The Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Friends and Colleagues

By: The Texas Alliance for CME


Editor’s Note: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left trails of devastation across the Gulf Coast and northeastern Caribbean. At the time of filing this story, Hurricane Maria had left parts of Puerto Rico in ruins and is moving north to the Bahamas. After Harvey made landfall, the Almanac contacted the TACME, the Texas Alliance for CME, to learn how the storm impacted the community, how our friend and colleagues have fared, and, most importantly, how Alliance members can help those in need.

Relief will take months, if not years. Please review the list of charities within the article and give what you can.

The morning of Sunday, August 27, began with text messages of status updates to everyone who may have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, says Jen Cabrera, TACME President. Not everyone responded. The next week consisted of additional communication to friends, colleagues or other individuals who may have heard from those who hadn’t responded.

After confirmation of the TACME Board’s safety, we reached out to our membership reminding everyone “…you are not alone,” “we have each other” and thus “you have support.” We asked if any members (or someone they knew) had been affected by Hurricane Harvey and were in need of help, to respond. Alternatively, we also requested a response from individuals that were willing to help. We planned to compile the two lists — those in need and those with the means to assist — and connect the dots to provide resources we had on hand. 

Thankfully, the first list didn’t include any injuries. One board member had evacuated her home, though had no flooding. Other news consisted of loss of electricity for days, roof damage, home flooding, and loss of vehicles, possessions and memories. Even with the worry, anxiety and loss they suffered, responses suggested to help those who are in worse situations. 

The second list included volunteered spare rooms, funds from the TACME account and people willing to physically help, including a physician offering his weekends.

Although we may not personally know those individuals that truly need our help, the following local charities have been recommended by Kristi English, CHCP, and are taking donations. Please, give what you can.

  1. Greater Houston Community Foundation — Established by Houston’s mayor and a co­­unty judge after receiving an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens and companies who want to help.
  2. Houston Pets Alive
  3. Houston Tool Bank — An organization equipping people who are physically willing to help with the construction tools needed to help rebuild Houston.

Thank you,

The TACME Board of Directors:

  • Jen Cabrera, MBA, President (Fort Worth)
  • Jon Bailey, MBA, MSGEL, President-Elect (Dallas)
  • Jessica Stewart, CHCP, Secretary (Arlington)
  • Leticia Bresnahan, MBA, Treasurer (San Antonio)
  • Kristi English, CHCP, At Large Member (Houston)
  • Christopher Ralls, MBA, CHCP, At Large Member (Houston)
  • Kimberly Jones, MHA Northeast/West Regional Representative (Dallas)
  • Anna Badillo, Regional Representative, South (Edinburg)
  • Kelley Gilpin, Regional Representative, Southeast (Houston)
  • Casey Harrison, MBA, Ex-Officio Member (Austin)
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