Alliance Strategic Plan: Update


By: Laurie Kendall-Ellis, CAE, Executive Director & CEO, Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Members of the Alliance Community: As we enter the second half of our fiscal year, the Alliance-wide strategic planning process is in progress. Key accomplishments have already been achieved through the collective input and work of Alliance committees. In light of this progress, we wanted to take a step back and elucidate the strategic planning process itself, specifically:

  • Who is involved in the planning?
  • How are projects accomplished within the Alliance committee structure?


Strategic planning proceeds in stages designed around membership. The Alliance has 15 committees, comprised of over 120 volunteer members, who worked with staff to develop the plan, unveiled at the last Alliance Annual Conference.

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The strategic objectives are aligned to long-term goals. Each objective has associated tasks, which our committees are working diligently to accomplish. This June, committee chairpersons submitted mid-year progress updates to the board.

Based upon committee experience and board recommendations, committee chairs are encouraged to:

  1. recommend the continuation of the actions/tasks under the objectives,
  2. offer revisions, and/or
  3. offer new objectives with actions/tasks that will add value and be meaningful to the membership.

In September, the board will review these proposals, deliberate and potentially draft revisions to the strategic plan for better implementations in the coming year. Changes would then be refined over the next two months and ultimately approved in November. This process of review and course-correction ensures that the strategic plan remains relevant and viable.

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Learn More

Your Strategic Plan webpage provides the latest version and invites year round membership feedback. When you attend the 2018 Annual Conference on January 20–23, 2018, in Orlando, Florida, make sure to visit the Alliance exhibit hall booth for an in-depth update on the strategic plan.

The Alliance is the recognized leader and trusted partner for the professional healthcare educator across healthcare professions who seeks to develop, deliver and manage relevant, meaningful healthcare continuing education. I encourage you to review the 2016–2018 Strategic Plan, volunteer, and connect with your board of directors in order to continue on our path of adding value to the profession and the professional.

Thank you,

Laurie Kendall-Ellis, CAE

Alliance Executive Director

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