Tune In: 5 Must-Listen Alliance Podcast Episodes

Remember the commute to the office? For many of us, that time may have been the prime time for podcast listening. If you’re planning your return to the office — or even if your commute permanently involves a short walk from your bedroom to your home office — carving out time to tune in to a podcast is an important (and fun) way to boost your professional development and overall inspiration.

In 2020, the Alliance launched the Alliance Podcast, a series featuring one-of-a-kind conversations for healthcare CPD professionals. Tune in to the five most popular episodes, listed below. Then, check out the full series and look forward to more conversations, coming soon.

Interactive Didactic Lecture Versus Online Simulation-Based CME Programs: A Conversation with Andy Crim, MEd, CHCP, FACEhp

The first episode of the Alliance Podcast features an interview from the Almanac’s “Research to Actions” series. Here, Brian McGowan, PhD, FACEhp, speaks with Andy Crim, MEd, CHCP, FACEhp, about his research comparing interactive didactic lecture to online simulation-based CME programs to improve primary care providers’ diagnostic capabilities. Listen now.

Using Clinical Vignettes as Outcomes Methods for CME/CE Professionals: A Conversation with Conversation with Greg Salinas, PhD

Here, Dr. McGowan and Greg Salinas, PhD, discuss clinical vignettes and how cases are used today. Want to learn how to design a well-crafted case vignette? Find out in this episode. Listen now.

A Conversation With Sara Johnson, PhD, on Behavior Change

In this episode of the Legends Interview series, originally recorded as part of the “Research to Actions” series, Dr. Sara Johnson discusses her career’s work examining behavior change. Listen now.

The Relationship Between Learner Reflection During Conference-based CME and Behavior Change: A Conversation With John Ratelle, MD

In this episode, Dr. McGowan and Dr. John Ratelle dive into Ratelle’s 2017 JCEHP publication, “Relationships Between Reflection and Behavior Change in CME.” Listen now.

Legends Interviews Series: A Conversation With Joseph Green, PhD

This episode features the very first installment of the Legends Interviews series. Alliance Past President Dr. Joseph Green chronicles his CME journey, as well as his thoughts on the profession today. Listen now.

There’s more where that came from. Check out stories from the CPD field featuring industry legends and Alliance members, and stay up to date with the latest association news on the Alliance Podcast. Tune in to all episodes on the Almanac, Spotify, Google Podcasts or Anchor.

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