Entrustable Professional Activities and Entrustment Decision Making: A Development and Research Agenda for the Next Decade

Academic Medicine (07/01/2021) Vol. 96, No. 75, P. S96 Ten Cate, Olle; Balmer, Dorene F.; Caretta-Weyer, Holly; et al.

A research and development (R&D) agenda for Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the coming decade offers strategies for three distinct levels of potential R&D. For the micro level of learning and teaching, the authors propose an agenda to encourage trust, honesty and self-respect among members. Of particular interest is how EPA-based programs affect self-directed learning. The R&D agenda for the meso level of institutions, programs and specialty domains should focus on modifying curricula to prepare learners for EPA and realize desired training outcomes. Critical to this agenda is gaining more knowledge on using technology and learning analytics to integrate workplace-based assessment in sophisticated clinical learning environments. The benefits include a clearer understanding of stakeholder needs and overcoming obstacles to deployment. R&D at the macro level of regional, national and international stakeholders must commit to ensuring that medical graduates are ready to deliver high-quality, safe, and effective patient care. Essential to this is guaranteeing that EPAs have been identified, characterized, and described for specific programs in single institutions. The authors conclude that there remain significant gaps in their knowledge, and that future research should consider large-scale EPA deployment to back competency-based medical education and its effects at the three R&D levels.

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