Use of Project ECHO to Promote Evidence Based Care for Justice Involved Adults With Opioid Use Disorder

Substance Abuse (07/20/21) Adams, Zachary W.; Agley, Jon; Pederson, Casey A.; et al.

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers assessed the Indiana Jail OUD Treatment Extension for ECHO program for disseminating specialty knowledge on supplying medications for opioid use disorder (M-OUD) in justice settings. A multidisciplinary specialist committee held 10 bimonthly sessions with community-based participants from the healthcare, criminal justice, law enforcement and related fields. Participants completed questionnaires on OUD knowledge and attitudes about providing M-OUD in correctional settings. The 43 learners reported their OUD knowledge increased, and they considered treatment more practical after the ECHO sessions compared with before the sessions. Cases presented during the program usually entailed complicated medical and psychiatric comorbidities, and themes addressed by recommendations included harm reduction, post-release supports and integration of M-OUD and non-pharmacological interventions. The researchers concluded that assessment of future versions of the ECHO program should cover attendance and provider behavior changes along with patient and community outcomes corresponding with participation.

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