Radiology's Escape Room

American College of Radiology (07/13/21) Reeves, Kerri

The American College of Radiology (ACR) helped formulate an "escape room" mystery experience as an introductory radiology tool, first as an in-person program that then went virtual due to the pandemic. Since its 2020 launch, the program has attracted some 400 participants, including medical students, residents and attending physicians. "By introducing radiology earlier, in a fun way, students may then consider it as an option for residency," suggests ACR Press manager and escape room co-creator Michele Huneke, MT(ASCP). Co-developer Casey Cable, MD, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center says the program exposes learners to hands-on sessions for reading radiographs, computer tomography scans and ultrasounds. These are supplemented with mathematical, linguistic and logic-based puzzles that feature foundational medicine and radiology components. Also included is a hands-on interventional radiology procedure for users to retrieve a missing key, and radiographs and CT scans detailing specific body parts and diagnoses to uncover clues. The success of the virtual escape room interested the Stanford Center for Continuing Medical Education, which hosted a CME Live session by ACR staff on the program's online transition. "The educators and faculty who attended our presentation thought the escape room was such a unique way to provide content, and they wanted to know how they could do it themselves," Huneke says. Earlier this year, the ACR published a walkthrough for hosting the escape room independently.

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