American Board of Radiology Eyeing Fee Reductions in 2022, Changing Name of MOC Program

Radiology Business (04/12/21) Stempniak, Marty

The American Board of Radiology (ABR) has renamed its controversial maintenance of certification (MOC) program and is discussing fee reductions for 2022. ABR president Vincent Mathews, MD, says the MOC program will now be called the Continuing Certification program, "in recognition of the many significant program enhancements and our overall goal for continuous improvement." He notes, "Our goal is to offer a Continuing Certification program that is robust and credible to patients and the public and not overly burdensome to those participating." A recent study found that physicians pay nearly $15,000, on average, on certification throughout their career. Meanwhile, following a previous ABR announcement that "persistent barriers" were preventing fee reduction despite its transition to online exam administration during the COVID-19 pandemic, board leaders said the group is now considering reductions for next year. "Fees have not increased over the past five years, but the board holds itself and ABR staff accountable for maintaining fees at the lowest possible level while producing a rigorous and reliable certification process," wrote ABR Executive Director Brent Wagner, MD, MBA, in Beam.

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