A Pilot of Modified Conversation Analytic Role-Play Method for One-to-One Clinical Communication Training

Patient Education and Counseling (03/19/21) White, Sarah J.; Ward, Kanesha; Hibberd, Elly

Researchers piloted a modified Conversation Analytic Roleplay Method (CARM) for one-to-one in clinical communications. They recorded a surgical registrar during ward rounds in a hospital, analyzed seven consultations, and then developed an individualized CARM workshop. Nine more consultations were recorded and analyzed a month later. Three "trainables" identified in the initial analysis became the foundation for the workshop. A review of post-training recordings indicated that verbal behaviors were mostly modified, while overall non-verbal behavior was not. According to the authors, personalized video-based training facilitates identification of an individual's practice—which enables tailored feedback and helps participants analyze their own conversation. The protocol could be useful for individuals who have had difficulty improving with other training techniques.

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