Evaluation of an Interprofessional Learning Experience for Telephone Consultations

Advances in Medical Education and Practice (03/03/21) Vol. 2021, No. 12, P. 215 Cunningham, Shala; Musick, David W.; Trinkle, David B.

A telephone consultation simulation with physical therapy and medical students from Radford University and Virginia Tech was conducted to explore its application as an interprofessional learning experience. The consultation simulation was designed along a longitudinal patient case model, in which physical therapy students first engaged with a standardized patient on their own and later initiated a telephone consultation with the same patient with the medical students. Outcomes were evaluated through the IPASS verbal hand-off assessment and post-experience focus group interviews, and researchers assessed key data provided during the conversation for each of the seven interprofessional groups. Participants demonstrated nearly complete agreement on the I-PASS mnemonic assessment, with five interprofessional groups able to communicate key information and collectively reach consensus on a recommendation for the continuation of the patient assessment. The two groups that experienced more difficulty with communication appeared to have difficulty communicating the patient's past medical history relevant to the current situation, despite most learners' confidence in their communications. Moreover, the themes of clear communication to maintain patient safety and efficiently conveying the patient's background were highlighted during the interprofessional focus group interviews. "With adequate preparation of faculty and detailed construction of patient care scenarios featuring the need for interprofessional communication, other health professions programs could implement this type of training for their students and thereby increase the effectiveness of interprofessional collaboration between future healthcare practitioners," the authors concluded.

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