Toward Competency-Based Continuing Professional Development for Practicing Surgeons

American Journal of Surgery (02/21) Turner, Simon R.; Mador, Brett; Lai, Hollis; et al.

University of Alberta researchers conducted a survey to meet a recent call for formal competency evaluations of practicing physicians and surgeons to establish a framework of competency-based continuing professional development (CBCPD). The 58 respondents indicated moderate support for assessment of surgeons' technical skills (50.9%) or decision making (56.6%). The largest percentage (83%) supported a mechanism for indicating surgeons who might need a focused competence assessment. Eight surgeons participated in interviews, which identified benefits of and challenges to CBCPD implementation, including a requirement for fair and data-driven assessments, accounting for patient outcomes. The study results may favor the development of an effective CBCPD strategy with the potential to be adopted by surgeons, and cultivate an environment of improved safety and performance.

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