Health After Cancer: An Innovative Continuing Medical Education Course Integrating Cancer Survivorship Into Primary Care

Academic Medicine (01/25/2021) Smith, Stephanie M.; Williams, Pamela; Kim, Jennifer; et al.

An online continuing medical education (CME) course for primary care physicians (PCPs) launched in April 2020 was informed by critically reviewing cancer survivorship CME courses and understanding survivors' clinical experiences in a primary care setting. The course used four patient cases to highlight the physical and psychological effects of cancer treatment. A primary care narrator also detailed ways of covering these issues at a clinic visit, offering tips for empathic communication with cancer survivors. The course development team applied an iterative process to review and amend the content, and PCPs and specialists vetted the script and supplied feedback for incorporation into revisions. The course authors will assess its effectiveness based on user experience and perceived impact on clinical practice and professional growth. Possible next steps may include course dissemination to a wider audience, evaluation of higher-level learning endpoints and adjusting the course for patients with emphasis on self-management.

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