Improve Immunization Rates in Your Adult Patients

AAPA News Release (01/25/21) Denne, Eileen

The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) is offering instruction on how to navigate immunization decisions with older adults. "Getting to Yes: Practical Strategies for Navigating Immunization Decisions With Older Adults" is being provided in three modules in partnership with The France Foundation. Module 1 concerns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice's recommendations for pneumococcal, shingles, tetanus and influenza vaccines for adults older than 50 years. Areas of focus include approaches for improving vaccination rates, using the CDC vaccine schedule app, referring to the agency's website on vaccine information for adults, checking standing orders, staging vaccine-specific clinics, bundling vaccines to reduce patient visits, and stressing COVID-19 safety. Module 2 focuses on behavioral economics concepts that may impact immunization rates in older adults. Module 3 uses a series of case studies to help PAs work through common obstacles to patient adherence to recommended immunizations. Strategies described in this module include structuring the environment; making strong recommendations; and considering the SHARE (share reasons, highlight positive experiences, address patient questions, remind patients vaccines protect them and explain potential costs of getting infectious disease) model.

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