Competency-Based Interprofessional Continuing Education Focusing on Systems Thinking and Health Care Delivery for Health Care Professionals

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (12/22/20) Will, Kristen K.; Essary, Alison

A novel learning program was formulated combining systems-based practice curricula into a competency-based interprofessional continuing education curriculum for healthcare professionals. The program included experiential, team-based learning via cultivation of quality improvement (QI) projects. Presurveys and postsurveys evaluated participant knowledge and skills, while mixed-level modeling analysis explored the differences across all participants and each cohort. Postsurvey scores significantly improved across all cohort participants. Controlling for cohort year, postsurvey scores rose between cohorts 1 and 2 and between cohorts 2 and 3, although the increases were not significant. Individual cohort participants also got involved in health systems improvement projects and leveraged improved patient results. Participants' engagement in systems change grew, as did their positive influence on network-level QI initiatives and improvement projects, and on patient-centered outcomes. "Health systems can model this program by partnering with academic organizations to scale and disseminate best practices," the authors conclude.

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