The Effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Physician Assistant Educators

Physician Assistant Education Association (09/01/20) Neary, Stephanie; Van Rhee, James; Roman, Christopher

New research in the Journal of Physician Assistant Education polled physician assistant educators on their experience of adapting to revised instructional techniques focusing on remotely delivered content amid the coronavirus pandemic. The authors distributed a quantitative and qualitative survey to all individuals registered by programs as Physician Assistant Education Association members. Among the 667 respondents, 32% of program directors (PDs) and 23.7% of faculty reported they had instructed online synchronous content before COVID-19 adaptations. Previous technological experience was associated with substantially lower levels of faculty strain during the switch to online instruction. Most respondents thought educational quality had remained consistent despite the move to online instruction, and a majority of both faculty and PDs expect minor modifications to program structure once they can resume traditional classroom learning. Respondents most commonly listed technological issues as both stressors and causes of decreased instruction quality. "It remains to be seen what changes persist when the pandemic subsides," the authors conclude.

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