Assessing the Validity and Reliability of the Pharmacist Interprofessional Competencies Tool

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (08/20) Vol. 84, No. 7 Salvati, Lisa A.; Meny, Lisa M.; de Voest, Margaret C.; et al.

Researchers sought to grade the validity and reliability of Ferris State University's Pharmacist Interprofessional Competencies Tool (PICT) in a population of student pharmacists in terms of achievement of interprofessional competencies. Also investigated were domains linked to measurement and assessment, in support of continuing understanding of the relevant constructs associated with interprofessional education (IPE). The PICT can be used to reliably and legitimately develop an assessment tool applicable for IPE learning activities, which can quickly be filled out by evaluators. The tool also delivers robust data to quantify the ability-based outcomes of the curriculum as well as Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Standards 24.3 and 25.6. The tool has outstanding internal consistency and collaboration, ownership and engagement exhibit high convergence with Modified McMaster-Ottawa four-item scale collaboration and roles and duties. However, the authors noted that "in establishing the overall reliability and validity of the assessment tool, we were not able to prove the reliability or validity of the respect criterion." They add that "because its validity and reliability have been established, the PICT will be used to assess pharmacy students participating in various IPE learning activities throughout the curriculum."

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