Impact of an Online Nutrition Course to Address a Gap in Medical Education: A Feasibility Study

Peer-Reviewed Reports in Medical Education Research (04/20/20) Vol. 4, No. 5 Shafto, Kate; Shah, Anuj; Smith, Jacob; et al.

A new feasibility study evaluated the impact of a three-hour, self-paced online clinical nutrition course on medical residents' knowledge and attitudes toward the role of nutrition in clinical practice. The course covered macronutrients, evidence-based dietary patterns, a rapid nutrition assessment and motivational interviewing. Among the participants who completed the course, their summated nutrition knowledge scores immediately after completion and three months later indicated significant improvement. Residents also were more likely to consider it their role to personally supply patients with detailed nutrition information and to support the view that a healthy diet is critical for self-care. "The potential for utilizing this type of program for resident education in clinical nutrition is promising, as it is easily scalable, independent of local expertise and time efficient," the authors concluded.

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