AAPA Moves to New Accreditation Management System

AAPA News Release (04/15/20)

The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) announced its transition to a new accreditation management system offering an improved user experience to better meet AAPA continued medical education (CME) provider requirements. The enhanced application process includes easier log-in to cmeapproval.aapa.org with the same AAPA username/password for other AAPA products. The management process now accommodates disclosures and conflicts of interest, and providers already designated for the American Medical Association Physician's Recognition Award Category 1 Credit, the American Academy of Family Physicians Prescribed Credit, or the American Osteopathic Association Category 1-A Credit can pay simple fees and use an expedited application. AAPA's CME Criteria now obligate CME providers to issue learners a certificate reflecting exactly how many credits they have earned, to ensure closer alignment with industry norms and boost reporting accuracy. PA programs also can now apply for up to a two-year accreditation period, mitigating the administrative load and accommodating programs with a clinical year exceeding 12 months.

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