ADA, Others Ask Lawmakers to Include Nonprofits in COVID-19 Legislation

American Dental Association News (04/23/20) Garvin, Jennifer

More than three dozen healthcare organizations, including the American Dental Association, are asking Congress to include nonprofit groups, specifically 501(c)(6) tax-exempt medical and dental trade associations, in COVID-19 financial relief legislation. In letters to the House and Senate Small Business Committees, the signatories wrote that such groups "are supporting and providing educational resources so that the healthcare community has the tools needed to administer the highest quality care during this unprecedented time, and for the future." The organizations emphasized that "[continuing medical education] in particular is a critical component of the benefits provided by many 501(c)(6) organizations, and ensures that physicians, dental and medical providers are providing high-quality evidence-based care throughout all stages of their careers, and is necessary for physicians, dental and other healthcare professionals to maintain state medical licenses."

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