'The Calls Are Coming In Every Day.' Societies, Firms Go Into High Gear to Retool Live Medical Meetings for Virtual Consumption

MM&M Online (03/26/20) Iskowitz, Marc

Many professional associations and continuing medical education (CME) providers are overhauling their live medical events for online consumption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Accreditation Council for CME said about 33% of physician interactions in 2018 were though web-based CME activities, yet many educational activities for healthcare practitioners are still held live. To satisfy grants already sold, some medical education providers are digitizing live programs, including impromptu Zoom meetings. For instance, the National Association for Continuing Education taped its first fully-remote episode of the "Conversations In" series on March 14. This platform features a fully equipped video studio that supplies webinars and virtual interaction to large numbers of remote participants, with speakers appearing in-studio as attendees tune in remotely. "So much of the standard CME industry is heavily weighted on physical events, grand rounds and the like, and video and digital is an afterthought," said PlatformQ founder Robert Rosenbloom. "Now you're seeing that shift."

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