The EveryONE Project Unveils Implicit Bias Training Guide

AAFP News (01/15/20) Crawford, Chris

The American Academy of Family Physicians' (AAFP) EveryONE Project has released an Implicit Bias Training Guide to encourage awareness of implicit bias among primary care physicians and their practice teams and offer resources for instructing medical professionals to mitigate implicit bias' impact on patients. The guide provides an overview of implicit bias and its effect on the healthcare environment, as well as a participant's guide to help learners follow along with activities like self-assessments, case study examples, small-group discussions, and post-training implementation. A shareable video module offers testimonials from minority, LGBTQ, or amputee patients on the damage of implicit bias from their viewpoints. Implicit Bias Training Guide participants will qualify for continuing medical education via the AAFP Credit System in the near future. "The toolkit highlights strategies to decrease the effects that biases have on decision-making and patient care, but to use these tools, we need to be able to be aware and admit that biases exist," said guide contributor Andrea Westby, MD, at the University of Minnesota North Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program.

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