Interprofessional Education Programs Focus on Pharmacists as Patient Care Providers

Pharmacy Times (11/05/19) Coppock, Kristen

Student pharmacists are on the leading edge of interprofessional partnerships, as they learn to value collaboration with nonpharmacy fields as part of their training. The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) and Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (WSUCP) offer interprofessional education (IPE) programs to prepare student pharmacists to function as patient care providers. MCPHS' IPE program partnered third-year pharmacy and fourth-year optometry students to educate them about optimal eye care with resources that included hands-on activities about nonprescription ophthalmic products and self-treatable ophthalmic conditions. Participants discussed similarities and differences between over-the-counter products and those that had the most positive effect on patients. Meanwhile, WSUCP established a student-teach-student compounding model for pharmacy and osteopathic medicine students. Assessments indicated both schools' IPE programs improved learners' effectiveness and satisfaction. MCPHS participants broadened their knowledge of ophthalmic conditions and treatments and boosted their confidence in medical abilities, while WSUCP pharmacy students gained experience in delivering educational material by assuming extra teaching responsibilities, and enhanced their confidence and leadership development.

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