2020 Physician Fee Schedule Includes Changes to CME Programs

Policy and Medicine (11/04/2019) Sullivan, Thomas

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has released its final 2020 Physician Fee Schedule, which includes revisions to continuing medical education (CME) programs. These changes aim to amend the "Nature of Payment" categories by consolidating two categories for CME programs and making a small change in CME improvement activity under the Quality Payment Program Merit-Based Incentive Payment System called "Completion of an Accredited Safety or Quality Improvement Program." Accredited CME programs for addressing performance or quality improvement must meet a series of criteria to receive credit. The criteria include correcting a quality or safety gap that is supported by a needs assessment or problem analysis, or supporting completion of such an assessment as part of the activity; having specific, quantifiable improvement goals; including interventions intended to lead to improvement; supporting data collection/analysis of performance data to evaluate interventional impact; and defining meaningful clinician participation in their activity, describing the mechanism for identifying qualifying clinicians, and delivering participant completion information.

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