How to Help Your ABIM Certified Physicians Meet Their 5-Year MOC Point Requirements

ACCME Highlights (08/27/19)

Continuing medical education (CME) providers can help American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM)-certified physicians meet their requirement to obtain 100 maintenance of certification (MOC) points every five years. Strategies for assisting in this regard include letting learners know that their CME+ABIM MOC activities count toward fulfilling MOC mandates via clear and frequent promotion of such opportunities through communication channels like websites, social media, and newsletters. CME providers can identify such activities with the ABIM CME+MOC badge, downloadable from the CME that Counts for ABIM MOC webpage. Also suggested is informing learners that this process is easily achieved, with providers explaining that they will report physicians' MOC points to ABIM. Additionally, providers should remind learners to claim MOC points for recently completed qualifying activities, and 2019 CME counting toward ABIM MOC learner completion data must be reported by December 31.

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