In Response to Physician Pushback, ABIM Announces New Option for Maintenance of Certification

FierceHealthcare (08/21/19) Finnegan, Joanne

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has informed diplomates that a new longitudinal assessment Maintenance of Certification (MOC) option will soon be added, letting physicians take shorter, more frequent tests online. "We recognize that some physicians may prefer a more continuous process that easily integrates into their lives and allows them to engage seamlessly at their preferred pace while being able to access the resources they use in practice," stated ABIM board of directors chairperson Marianne Green, M.D., and CEO Richard Baron, M.D., in their letter to diplomates. For now, ABIM said the current MOC program with its two-year knowledge check-in and traditional 10-year long-form exam options shall remain in effect. ABIM also announced it will release more details about the longitudinal assessment option in the coming months as it seeks feedback from physicians. The new option was developed from commentary from internal medicine doctors, including focus groups and interviews, as well as comments from other American Board of Medical Specialties boards.

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