Addressing Oncologists' Gaps in the Use of Biosimilar Products

Evidence-Based Oncology (06/19/19) Williamson, Chad; Berger, Leanne; Sullivan, Thomas P.; et al.

Researchers created and launched live and online expert-led interactive continuing medical education (CME)-certified activities to improve clinicians' preparedness to incorporate biosimilars into the treatment model for cancer patients. The activities included a slide-based lecture with interactive multiple-choice questions, which were reviewed and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Approximately 9,600 individuals enrolled in the activities: 114 for the regional meetings and 9,485 for the online course. Upon completion of the activities, there were significant increases in understanding of the level of evidence needed for biosimilars to receive Food and Drug Administration approval. Based on the findings, the researchers estimate that participants in the regional meetings are 73.1% more likely to deliver evidence-based care for cancer, while web course participants are about 81.1% more likely to deliver evidence-based care for cancer. The CME courses boosted familiarity with the biosimilar process from 21% preactivity to 69% postactivity, while confidence in using biosimilars rose from 25% preactivity to 36% postactivity.

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