Accreditation Council for CME Opens Call for Feedback About Protecting the Integrity and Independence of Accredited Continuing Education

ACCME News Release (01/22/19) Hosansky, Tamar

The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) is soliciting feedback on proposed updated rules to safeguard the independence and integrity of accredited continuing education (CE) for healthcare professionals. The initiative backs ACCME's goal to validate the quality of accreditation and be responsive to stakeholders who have identified potential improvements. The group has organized the Task Force on Protecting the Integrity of Accredited CE to engage with stakeholders to identify new and existing challenges concerning the governance of disclosure, conflicts of interest, and commercial support. Stakeholders will be asked to make recommendations on possible amendments to the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities to guarantee their ongoing relevance and effectiveness. The council has initially opened a call for feedback and welcomes responses from all stakeholders through March 8. "To fulfill our responsibility, we need to evolve our safeguards to respond to the changing healthcare environment," said task force co-chair Norman Kahn, MD. "We welcome all perspectives and look forward to engaging in constructive, open dialogue to identify opportunities for assuring and advancing quality learning for healthcare professionals that is free from commercial influence."

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