Collaboration Among HIM Pros, Care Teams Can Boost Health Outcomes

Health IT Analytics (11/13/2018) Kent, Jessica

study published in the Journal of AHIMA states that greater collaboration among health information management (HIM) professionals and other members of care delivery teams can improve patient outcomes and lower care costs. The authors suggest academic programs and workplaces employ the Awareness, Integration, Creation model to boost awareness of the importance of interprofessional education, identify existing opportunities, and cultivate new activities. HIM experts should identify and leverage opportunities to train other healthcare professionals on a regular basis as well as engage with existing patient care teams and involve themselves in staff training events to ensure their role is adequately represented. If interprofessional education is lacking in an organization, HIM experts can establish educational activities in areas where they have extensive knowledge. "HIM educators should begin with interprofessional education activities involving students from HIM and one other discipline to keep the logistical challenges manageable. Educators can add more disciplines to increase the collaboration and benefit over time," the authors write.

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