CME Achievement Unlocked: How the AMA PRA Credit System Helps You

AMA Wire (09/19/2018) Berg, Sara

The American Medical Association (AMA) Physician's Recognition Award (PRA), a nationwide accreditation system for providers of continuing medical education (CME), was established in 1968. The related credit system was developed as a metric in determining eligibility for the AMA PRA. Creation of the AMA PRA and credit system followed a 1955 AMA survey of physicians which found that nearly a third of respondents had not participated in postgraduate medical education within five years of completing their residency. The AMA PRA credit—used to reflect CME participation for licensing boards, certification boards, hospital credentialing committees, and other groups—is the most broadly recognized CME credit used by physicians. The credit system adapts as medicine and physicians' needs continue to change, and it can be used internationally as well.

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