The Growing Importance of Interprofessional Education

Pharmacy Times (07/22/18)

In an interview, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) President-elect David D. Allen, PhD, RPh, FASHP, discussed the increasing importance of interprofessional education in the pharmacy profession. "Interprofessional education, I think, has been a key change that has occurred in the recent past," said Allen, dean of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, at the AACP's Pharmacy Education 2018 meeting in Boston. "Pharmacy took the lead on putting interprofessional education as a requirement in our accreditation guidelines, and other health professions followed suit,” he said. As we combine our efforts to "help people live better, healthier lives ... it's important that we focus on the interprofessional education as well," Allen noted. He also discussed pharmacists' changing and more patient-focused responsibilities.

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