Infusion Nurses Society Forms Strategic Partnership With the World Continuing Education Alliance

PR Newswire (04/11/18)

The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) and the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) have teamed up to bring high-quality, infusion therapy-related education to nursing professionals worldwide. As part of the agreement, INS is adding its library of educational webinars to WCEA's platform. INS webinars offer presenter-led sessions on current infusion-related and nursing topics. Amid significant demand for U.S. continuing education around the world, particularly in developing nations, WCEA is providing a way for professionals in these areas to improve their skills and knowledge. WCEA has designed and developed a unique platform to deliver educational content where it is needed; but it also requires access to high-quality course content, such as the programming developed by INS, to achieve the greatest effect on health care education. WCEA and INS, along with other continuing education providers, will establish the first collaborative effort to provide a large collection of affordable, high-quality educational materials, according to INS.

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